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Production Companies

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Creator Digital
Cape Town, South Africa
We are about people & we thrive on the power of technology & moving images to tell your stories to your people.
Daniel T Malebye
Cape Town, South Africa
My name is Daniel Malebye. I matriculated from Sacred Heart College (JHB) in 2003. I grew up in an English speaking household, and my first language is English. I also speak Tswana fluently, some Zulu and Xhosa. Feel free to also look me up in LinkedIn.
Film Five Studios
Lusaka, Zambia
Full service film production company specialised in; Digital Filmmaking, Animation, Production, Graphics & Photography. Sound, Talent & Model Search, Movie Marketing & Distribution.
Cisla Photo & Video
Pretoria, South Africa
We do video production. Editing, motion graphics, photography and filming. From corporate to weddings. Let us make your vision a reality.
Celestial Touch Studio
Mombasa, Kenya
We produce films. tv dramas, documentaries, infomercials and cover corporate events for different clients.
K.R Digital Media (Pty) Ltd
Richards Bay, South Africa
Production company and a recording label On iTunes https://t.co/jLHmeVHGhF
Freedom Entertainment
Durban, South Africa
The heart of Entertainment.
Laura Mecleod - Zen Crew
Cape Town, South Africa
Freelance Film Producer / Line Producer, Film Crew and Production Management
Reaipela Cultural Group
Mafikeng, South Africa
Production of high quality, affordable entertainment in traditional form and setting that bring family-oriented live entertainment to those who would otherwise travel out of the community to enjoy similar activities. We specialise in Music, Dance, Poetry, Drama & Storytelling.
Shaun Smit
Cape Town, South Africa
I'm a freelance videographer/editor with 5 years of experience and learning something new every day - I'm extremely passionate about delivering amazing creative fresh content.