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Earl Smith
Chicago, United States
Cape Town, South Africa
We are passionate about the entertainment industry, i would like to participate and offer specially the young professional a beautiful VENUE for the film industry and a SOUND RECORDING STUDIO
Yuri Thumbran
Pretoria, South Africa
I am a senior journalist. Can do writing, copy editing and production.
Vukuzenzele Film & Tv Caterers
Johannesburg, South Africa
We are a brand new catering company in Johannesburg and we are on a mission to change the film food and bring exciting menus whether it's a film shoot or an Event.
Mbvelo IT Consulting
Johannesburg, South Africa
We are an information technology company , specialize in mobile development, web development, graphic design , business product designs, Audio Video Live and on demand streaming , content management systems , digital content management systems, General IT.
Tallent. S
Johannesburg, South Africa
I am a 2D | Standby Props | Studio Logger | Floor Manager | Regular Blood Donor
Srinandhan Srinivasan
London, United Kingdom
Daniels Jewelers
California City, United States