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Production Companies

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Witchcraft Film & Media Craft Services
Durban, South Africa
Supplier of Food & Craft Service to Film & Media Industry since 1978
Pantsula Fire Caterers for TV FILM and COMMERCIALS
Johannesburg, South Africa
Professional Caterers for TV Film and Commercial Industry only.
Fiona Tipping @ Fix Media Design
Johannesburg, South Africa
Logo design, infographics, layout, news design, typography, photoshop, illustrator, illustration, painter, painting, photography, Web design, copywriting, editing, dialogue, retouching, finished art, graphic design, art direction, art director, PC and Mac proficient, Adobe CS.
Cape Town, South Africa
Photography in the following areas. Architecture, Interiors, Decor, Food, Lifestyle, Events, Functions, Location Portraiture, Portraiture.
Collette Corthouts | WTS Broadcast
Johannesburg, South Africa
Atlas Studios
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tv, Film, Events, Sound Stages & Support Facilities
Francois Wahl (Intersection Studios)
Mtunzini, South Africa
I am a filmmaker and a Chartered Accountant. Currently producing my own projects only, but on the accounting side I have creative clients all over RSA. As a creative you don't just need accounting, you need more than that!
Bigfoot Productions
Sandton, South Africa
PSP - Philip Schedler Productions
Johannesburg, South Africa
Professional Photographer and Video Producer. Specializing in Corporate, Industrial and the Mining sectors. Director / DOP. UAV Drone Operator
Chris Ntengo
Johannesburg, South Africa
Scrip writer /director /animator