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Ibadan, Nigeria
Paul is a filmmaker and producer with over 10years of experience in producing christian films and drams and trainnigs in Nigeria
Wezley Joao Ferreira
Johannesburg, South Africa
Digital Therapy is a Sales, Service & Support Company we are DITs and data camera specialists. Combined with our expert On-Set & In-House Workflow Supervision and high-spec, on-set kits are what make Digital Therapy the best choice for any Production.
Sbu Zuma
Johannesburg, South Africa
Cameraman, Director, Researcher, Location Scout, Assistant Director, Assistant Cameraman, Production Assistant, Production Coordinator & Producer.
Abner Adolphus Briandt
Accra, Ghana
A self motivated and self-reliant individual with several years professional experience in media having worked in different capacities as Head of Programmes, Head of Channel, Creative Director, Producer/Director, Events Coordinator, Public Relations Officer and a columnist.
Francis Bahene Tumwekwasize
Kampala, Uganda
Francis Tumwekwasize Bahene is an experienced Video journalist / documentary producer with over 8 years of experience in shooting and reporting in Uganda
Peter Groenewald
Johannesburg, South Africa
Joseph Sindorf
Grand Rapids, United States
International Filmmaker - primarily working with non-profit, mission and humanitarian organizations in areas of need.
Marius W. van Graan
Cape Town, South Africa
Director and Cinematographer for commercials, documentaries, tv, features with experience all over Africa
Marc Devenish
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I'm the communications director of Media Source Africa. AFRICAN MEDIA FOR THE EYES OF THE WORLD is our brand/service promise. As communications director it is my job to set the style, tone and content of all our site's brand narrative as well as our dialogue with the world at large.
Gio Thomson
Premium Member
Johannesburg, South Africa
I am an experienced producer and consultant with years of experience of shooting commercials all over Africa.