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Production Companies

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Madiba Media Productions and Casting Agency
Johannesburg, South Africa
Madiba Media & Productions is an independent registered South African Film, TV, Commercial Productions and Casting Company that embraces life within you.
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Pictodome is a full line production service for feature, commercials, corporate, documentary film shooting. Professional assistance to shoot in France, Tanzania and Madagascar.
CapeFinalCut Training
Cape Town, South Africa
CapeFinalCut Training is a hardware and software integrator focusing on Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci 12 based professional video solutions. We are experience with cutting-edge 4K and beyond workflows with Final Cut X, Motion, DaVinciand Fusion in the new post-production world.
Durban Actors Studio
Durban, South Africa
Our programs offer a huge variety of different drama and performance classes, tiered for various skill levels – from the serious performer pursuing a career in acting, to a boost in self-confidence or to simply experience the joy of performing.
La Reine Agency
Johannesburg, South Africa
Passion: an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. We have all those things. But we’ve found that pursuing passion is not that easy. You’d think there would be nothing easier in life than doing what you have enthusiasm for, right? After all, this is what we love!
Maxisky Media
Polokwane, South Africa
We offer Film Production, Commercials, Documentaries & Photography.
Media Wizard Consulting
Johannesburg, South Africa
Media Consulting, Media Project Management, Content Acquisitions and Management, Studio Design & Build.
Rob Dormer
Johannesburg, South Africa
Freelance Broadcast Engineer, with over 30 years experience in Broadcast and Post Production equipment and systems, from design and integration to support and maintenance, including IT infrastructure, hardware and software associated with the industry.
Louise Levison
Los Angeles, United States
Louise has 25 years experince writing business plans for independent films. He is the author of 'Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents' (7th ed.).
The Talent Exchange
Cape Town, South Africa