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SCC Charlie's Angels
Benoni, South Africa
We are recruiting, training, Upskilling and Assessing actors and Models as well as Motivational Speakers. We supply actors and Models as well as Photographers to the Industry. We also groom Presenters.
Shawn / Shirley Dame Beautiful
Johannesburg, South Africa
Female Impersonator / drag queen for hire for extra and film or event work.
Cole van dais
Johannesburg, South Africa
Professional Singer/ songwriter, experienced TV presenter, actor, model, voice over artists (and studio). Profile at www.colevandais.com
David Efe
Cape Town, South Africa
My name is David Efe, I am a graphic & web designer, short music video/ film director and editor.
Jono Weltman
Cape Town, South Africa
A Space Science speaker on live TV and Radio. Keynote speaker, guest appearances, radio, tv, interviews, Q&A for social media, online and print media. He is administrator of the Foundation for space development South Africa, a NGO driving space awareness, outreach and education.
Gray Kotze
Cape Town, South Africa
I'm a cinematographer & photographer based in Cape Town. I have shot award winning short films, a feature film and have experience in various photographic fields.
Hoji Fortuna
Zagreb, Croatia
International actor (U.S., Europe and Africa). African Oscar (AMAA) winner for Viva Riva. Star in acclaimed African TV series An African City. English, French, Portuguese and Spanish fluent speaker. EU and Angolan passports and U.S. Greencard.
hashtag 4eva_YOUng
Pretoria, South Africa
Goal setters who are aiming to get intellectual artists to rub shoulders with Duke of the arts.
Kat Kovacs-Turner
Johannesburg, South Africa
I'm a highly experienced independent video editor who works on Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere.
tau corporate theatre
Pretoria, South Africa
We are a Production Company, we deal with Movies/films/theatre plays, music videos and agency for actors and models, artists management and events management.