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[ Advertise your business on Media Source Africa ]

Angelika Prox-Dampha
Dakar, Senegal
Are you looking for a Crew Member with multiple skills? I am your best match! Photography, VJ, Web- and Social Media Management, print ready layout, Management and Administration, Organisation and preparation of your Projects on site.
Durban, South Africa
STYLEbudd is a brand name and we are based in Durban South Africa We offer the following services: * Film crew - Stylist/Art dept * Costume & Prop Hire * Manufacturing - wardrobe/props * Sourcing * Set build
Lushaz Productions
Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director Of Photography.
Gideon J Brown
Johannesburg, South Africa
I Am a Cameraman Single as well as Multicam Operator. I have been in the Television Industry since 1988. I have done various television courses I also have my own camera equipment: PANASONIC AG-HPX 600 EN.
Rudy Coertzen
Cape Town, South Africa
I am a multi skilled HD Filmmaker specializing in life style, travel, wildlife, tourism, nature and corporate content. Highly skilled DOP, Director, Editor, Producer all in one package!
Monelisi Taule
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
I am young freelance screenwriter
Evanson Kavale
Nairobi, Kenya
Photographer, Camera Operator, Camera Assistant, Grips
Nikita Padayachi
Durban, South Africa
I am a young film maker specialised in production, camera, editing with experience on several productions. Show reel can be found at http://nikkipadayachi.wix.com/niko
Martha Sibanyoni
Johannesburg, South Africa
Art director, wardrobe stylist
Newton Karanja
Nairobi, Kenya
Producer, Production Manager, Camera Operator and Video Editor. Comfortable in working under hostile environments.