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Onele Onzo Jonas
Cape Town, South Africa
I'm interested in acting,modeling and being an extra
Benoni, South Africa
I'm an actor /director I trained drama in 1988 at loveday school of drama, I also entered the m-net new directions completion as a director and managed top 10. In 2001 I went to central film school where I studied film and television productions.
Nolukhanyo Buzo
Johannesburg, South Africa
Professional Actor,have a Diploma in Acting.. Modules I did are : Presenting , Theatre Production,Art theory , Acting for camera, improvisation, etc
Regina R. Malan
Cape Town, South Africa
I'm a trained actor and singer who enjoys making art with passionate and professional people. I have a BMUS degree, experience with classical, musical theatre and pop music. My job experience spans from voice over, theatre, short film and freelance work in back stage help.
Ophelia Klenam Dzidzornu
Accra, Ghana
Passionate teen actress, model, volunteer and visual artist.
Adriana Weng
Johannesburg, South Africa
Print model Open to explore all areas of media
Nkele Shireen
Johannesburg, South Africa
Hard working 19 year old who is ambitious and is reliable
Charna Harris
Midrand, South Africa
15, female, actor, Singer, dancer, YouTuber. Live for dance and acting.
Johannesburg, South Africa
An aspiring Video Editor. Loves acting. Still seeking talent agencies, because she loves acting and dancing as well, and wants her talents to be recognized. A hard worker and a passion driven individual.
Petunia Khotle
Johannesburg, South Africa
I am a professional stage and Film Actress. I am into theatre, old age and fantasy makeup, sports and Art as a whole.