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Pretoria, South Africa
I'm a professional Makeup Artist, I offer different kinds of makeup from day makeup, glamour, film, theater...etc. I don't just do makeup, it's my passion and I love it. I also love camera and wouldn't mind being a Photography Model or doing some Film/TV work.
Collins Bila
Johannesburg, South Africa
I am a 23 with a National Diploma in video or television Production, Sound Engineer and Sound Design at Boston Media House.
Melanie Brock MAKE-UP ARTIST ***to the stars***
Johannesburg, South Africa
I am Melanie Brock, an experienced freelance makeup artist, make-up trainer and stylist based in Johannesburg (South Africa). I have a passion for all things makeup and I absolutely love what I do. Qualification: Diploma in Advanced Makeup Artistry. Experience: 13 Years.
Leila Smith
Lakeside, South Africa
I freelance in the media industry and has worked in film, television, corporate and live events. I work as production assistant, floor manager, production co-ordinator, autocue operator and more. I also research, translate and write.
Alan Lewis
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I'm the web developer for Media Source Africa.
Lusinga Productions
Durban, South Africa
I'm a film school student in Durban university of technology. And also a freelance cameraman and photographer.
Monica Fritz
Johannesburg, South Africa
Film degree graduate based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Specialised in Media Music Production and basic knowledge in Visual Effects field. Passionate about graphic design & product design and eager to learn and gain experience.
Andrew Duncan Poole
Cape Town, South Africa
I am a digital content producer and editor.
Lisa Pyanee
Durban, South Africa
A Film & Television graduate and a qualified graphic designer. Specializing in television production, camera operation and video editing.
Gustav L Skippers
Paarl, South Africa
I am a qualified freelance sound engineer. I have extensive experience in Radio & TV audio. I am also skilled in location sound for both radio OB's and TV and Film shoots. My CV is available on request. Thanks