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[ Advertise your business on Media Source Africa ]

K.R Digital Media (Pty) Ltd
Richards Bay, South Africa
Production company and a recording label On iTunes https://t.co/jLHmeVHGhF
Freedom Entertainment
Durban, South Africa
The heart of Entertainment.
Durban, South Africa
I am a kwa-zulu natal based cinematographer that loves camera assisting. I have been camera operator and assistant for 5 years nowwho also does dit operating and colour correcting
Laura Mecleod - Zen Crew
Cape Town, South Africa
Freelance Film Producer / Line Producer, Film Crew and Production Management
Andile Bokweni
Krugersdorp, South Africa
Hi I'm a media graduate, who has worked as a standby for the art department. I also have video editing skills and I'm very interested in post production as well.
Antony Duba
Johannesburg, South Africa
Freelance Lighting Camera Operator ENG & Studio Setup with experience and own equipment available to help with any production. Please contact Antony at 0713309078/ 073180947 o (011)056-6548 email: banthony7@gmail.com
Reaipela Cultural Group
Mafikeng, South Africa
Production of high quality, affordable entertainment in traditional form and setting that bring family-oriented live entertainment to those who would otherwise travel out of the community to enjoy similar activities. We specialise in Music, Dance, Poetry, Drama & Storytelling.
Shaun Smit
Cape Town, South Africa
I'm a freelance videographer/editor with 5 years of experience and learning something new every day - I'm extremely passionate about delivering amazing creative fresh content.
Lalie Rabeharison, African Fixer Guild
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Lalie Rabeharison is the President of the African Fixer Guild. The AFRICAN FIXER GUILD gathers African film fixers, location and unit managers in a reliable line production professional for film production support across Africa.
Themba Robin Behrens
Johannesburg, South Africa
Im an enthusiastic entertainer,currently establishing myself in the S.A media industry .I'd like to think of myself as an all rounder with particular interest in voice over,acting and Mc'ing.Naturally I lean toward comedic roles I do however enjoy the challenge in playing more serious roles.