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Joseph van Wyk
Pretoria, South Africa
Hi, I'm a qualified and experienced Director in short films and documentaries. Very keen and excited to direct local full features. I also specialize in story boarding, screenwriting, props crafting/standby. Other skills include fine art sculpture, fine art painting.
Durban, South Africa
Film, Commercial, Music Video and VR Director based in Durban, South Africa.
Lisa Labinjoh
Cape Town, South Africa
I'm a BBC trained producer and director based in Cape Town. As well as being an accomplished cameraman, both above and below the water, I'm available excited about new freelance opportunities in either film, tv or commercials.
Oliver Swartz
Johannesburg, South Africa
My background is photography, which is how I became to be a cinematographer and I've been involved in for over 5 years. I've worked on countless short films, including two of my own (vimeo link below) and music videos (youtube link below).
Laszlo Bene
Johannesburg, South Africa
I am a Writer-Director and bonded Producer with extensive local and international experience. I work in the realms of film, television and online media; servicing local and international clients.
Ibadan, Nigeria
He is a frank, open, committed and level headed minister of the gospel who has burden for true change in our nation through media. Pau is a Director, filmmaker and producer with over 15years of experience in producing christian films and drama,music and trainings in Nigeria
Nikita Padayachi
Durban, South Africa
I am a young film maker specialised in production, camera, editing with experience on several productions. Show reel can be found at http://nikkipadayachi.wix.com/niko
Lillian Ngugi
Nairobi, Kenya
Am a Film Director and Scriptwriter with interest in giving hope and encouragements through my productions. Have done a couple of short films,documentaries and one feature film. Looking forward to doing more in my career journey.
Steve Toom
Nairobi, Kenya
I work as a freelance filmmaker, director, editor, sound, photographer and fixer based in Kenya. My work covers a wide range of subjects, styles and techniques: documentaries, shorts, promotional, web videos, presentations, experimental and more!
Wim Steytler
Johannesburg, South Africa
Wim Steytler, hailing from a family of pioneering writers, is an award-winning, young director with a compulsive drive for authenticity and creating poetic and powerful imagery.