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Gopala Davies
Johannesburg, South Africa
www.gopaladavies.com Gopala Davies is a South African Indian actor and director specialising in Film and Theatre.
Xolani Zaca
Johannesburg, South Africa
I am a well groomed and well spoken male model. Interested in Catwalks, Advertisements and Presenting. I am currently the Fashion Brand Ambassador at Lakeside Mall Benoni.
Hilary Hilson
Cape Town, South Africa
I am a commercial model/actor with lots of experience, I am currently the face of Gulder Beer Nigeria, I am passionate about my Job, I'm looking forward to more Job opportunities in the entertainment industry. Below is the link to my Gulder Beer Commercial.
Hoji Fortuna
Zagreb, Croatia
International actor (U.S., Europe and Africa). African Oscar (AMAA) winner for Viva Riva. Star in acclaimed African TV series An African City. English, French, Portuguese and Spanish fluent speaker. EU and Angolan passports and U.S. Greencard.
Kenwise CC
Lusaka, Zambia
I am an actor, emerging model, graphic designer, video editing and film producer. I am very harding working and always work to clients deadline. Very passionate about my jobs.
Koketso Mashishi
Pretoria, South Africa
I'm an actress, model, presenter, singer, dancer, crafts artist and business women in Supplies and Construction. I'm interested in all i have mentioned and anything running along those lines. I'm a young lady driven by passion for arts and business.
Kischa Jacobs
Cape Town, South Africa
Available for casting ( films , series , commercials , music videos , photo shoots )
Bradley Zandberg
Cape Town, South Africa
I am an actor and model. I went to Los Angeles in January 2015 for a contest for acting and modeling where I was introduced to various agencies. During this time I received call backs for both categories.
Pretoria, South Africa
I am an aspiring model who is hard working and goal orientated. I strive to do good and achieve more in life. I also aspire to be a role model to those around me, young or old. I want to make something of myself just so me and my parents are proud one day.
badrunisha lawrence
Johannesburg, South Africa
I love to encourage and to inspirer people.my dream is to have an institution based for people that suffered all kinds of abuse and that is homeless.